The Golden Boy


Being influenced by the sounds of early 90’s house and garage, it’s no wonder Birmingham’s very own The Golden Boy is releasing weighty bass heavy bangers. With tracks such as “Gonna do” and “Poolside Croatia” that can be heard being spun on the highest of platforms such as BBC Radio 1 and Rinse FM.

The Golden Boy started laying down the foundations to the musical career he didn’t know he was going to have at the tender age of 14. With his young innocent years seeing him play various musical instruments from guitar to saxophone to eventually being lead around the back of the decks for some mix and blend, this being evoked from influences such as Annie Mac and Disclosure. Gravitating towards the decks and developing a passion for electronic music saw The Golden Boy aka Dominic Hammonds build a reputation for himself, landing him in headline slots in some of the biggest underground house and techno nights such as Bristol’s Halfnaked

After releasing his remix of Lauren Hill’s “That Thing” which has now racked up just under 2 million plays, you could definitely say that The Golden Boy started to turn some heads and make himself one of the most relevant young DJ’s within the UK scene. Having the UK house scene at his feet with a string of releases, mixes and shows, It was no time before The Golden Boy was put in contact with Mad Tech, the label created by the king pin of house Kerri Chandler. It wasn’t long until the godfather of house MR Chandler had The Golden Boy releasing “Do You” which is without saying a strident, bass flavoured hard hitter. This grabbing the attention of various labels as well as landing him at the top of the list for any DJ booking agency. 

If for whatever reason you weren’t convinced before, by now you should be. Releasing material on a label like MadTech is no joke and by doing so, it’s evident that The Golden Boy is striving for big things.