After Stealth ~ 1 ~ Redlight

After Stealth ~ 1 ~ Redlight

We've started asking the guys and gals that come play here at Stealth to do us a solid and help out with a little After Stealth playlist we're building. Those tracks that are ideal for the after party, bus ride home or just lying in bed trying to sleep.

We'll share those selections here and build a Spotify playlist for y'all to bump at home or on the move.

We start with some picks from Redlight who recently played a sold out Lobster Boy Showcase alongside Mak & Pasteman, Mella and Nyta

1992 F.S.O.L Essential Mix on Youtube - 'this is the best chilled out, paranoid hangover you'll ever have. enjoy'

Tangerine Dream Zeit - 'more chilled vibes'

Miles Davis - Bitches brew - 'lord 'o' mercy!'