MIDLAND (Aus Music/Phonica) at Stealth (22/04/11)

Friday 22nd April, 2011
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MIDLAND (Aus Music/Phonica) at Stealth (22/04/11)MIDLAND(Aus Music/Phonica)
In a little under a year this young Leeds-based producer has rapidly risen from aspiring bedroom producer to become a leading light in UK electronic music, and along with fellow visionaries Ramadanman (his housemate), Joy Orbison and a few others has literally gotten up and shaken the UK techno and bass scenes by the scruff of the neck.

The outcome has been a cross-pollination of sounds and ideas that has resulted in the current UK house/techno scene being perhaps as exciting as its been certainly in our memories and the undeniable envy of the rest of the World. Yes it's something we should be proud of!

Whether through his now legendary FACT mix or through his excellent joint release with Ramadanman on Aus and more recently his 'Bring Joy' EP on More Music, it's clear there is some serious talent revealing itself which leaves you pondering the limits to this guy's potential, because it's patently clear that he's going to be a huge influence for producers and DJ's alike over the coming years.

MIDLAND (Aus Music/Phonica) at Stealth (22/04/11)Also on the bill:
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