JAM CITY (Night Slugs) at Stealth (16/04/11)

Saturday 16th April, 2011
Stealth Vs Rescued present...

To date, there’s been an aura of mystique and anticipation surrounding the music of Jam City. Purported to be ridiculously prolific with his output, Jam City dubplates have been a staple of the charts, mixes, DJ sets & weekly Rinse FM shows of Bok Bok & L-Vis 1990 all the way back to before Night Slugs was a label entity. The young producer has even composed a film soundtrack and was featured in the 'New Band Of The Day' Guardian column over a year and a half ago!

“I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited about a new British producer as I am, right now, about Jam City” - FACT Magazine

In the past 12 months there has barely been a single music commentator who hasn't extolled the brilliance of Jack Latham aka Jam City. He has played a crucial role in the ascent of Night Slugs to its rightful place as one of the best dance labels going at the moment. His FACT mix in late 2009 quickly marked him out as one to watch and he has gone on to justify the (considerable) hype with two fantastic releases on Night Slugs.

"'Ecstacy Refix' is just one of those anthemic wonders that defies easy categorisation, employing distinctive Grime signatures but with an almost euphoric color palette that takes in rave stabs and distant percussive hits, proper hands-in-the-air styles for peaktime summer jams"- Boomkat

Anyone with a semblance of attending night clubs will have heard “Magic Drops” murdering the dark spaces of dancefloors in recent months and will instantly recognise the pressurised crunk grind meets blissed out keys and sludge drunk synths of Jam City’s tribute to Eski beat:

To find out more about Jam City check out this 2009 interview from Fact Magazine.
JAM CITY (Night Slugs) at Stealth (16/04/11)Listen to Jam City's mix from The Boiler Room (courtesy of the Red Bull Music Academy Radio):

Also to download Jam City's mix for Benji B's Radio 1 show, featuring ten of his own productions, right click here.
And finally have a listen to his mix for Fact Magazine:

Fact Mix 93: Jam City

Jam City play at Stealth Vs Rescued on Saturday 16th April alongside Dubbel Dutch & lots more.
£5 advance tickets are available from here.