Get to know... JULIO BASHMORE (dirtybird)

Get to know...

Get to know... JULIO BASHMORE (dirtybird)JULIO BASHMORE
(dirtybird/Ten Thousand Yen/PMR Records)
It might seem counterintuitive for a producer to detach himself from one of the planet's most thriving music scenes, but in the case of Matthew Walker, AKA Julio Bashmore, that's exactly what he did growing up in bass music hotbed, Bristol. You see, Julio's first love is house music. And operating just on the peripheries of the city's scene has allowed him to quietly cultivate a take on the genre unlike any other.
Get to know... JULIO BASHMORE (dirtybird)
Julio may have appeared to burst on to the scene in late 2009, but the lead up to the Julio Bashmore EP for Claude VonStroke's highly influential dirtybird label was essentially a lifetime in the making. This breakthrough also meant a difficult decision: on the cusp of leaving for university Julio decided instead to remain in Bristol and install production and DJing as his primary focus.

Aged 14, a battered old PC and a copy of Reason became Julio's very first 'instruments.' He later experimented with synthesizers and guitars, playing in bands for a brief period, but by the time he was old enough to experience club culture firsthand, Julio had made the realisation that DJing was the true vehicle in which to deliver his music.
Get to know... JULIO BASHMORE (dirtybird) After spending considerable periods of time sharpening his mixing and productions skills, Julio's big breakthrough came with his 2011 track 'Battle For Middle You' released in January on his 'Everyone Needs a Theme Tune' EP on new London-based record label PMR Records.

Prior to this release Julio had crafted critically acclaimed tracks & remixes for the likes of Night Slugs, fabric, Ten Thousand Yen & Soul Motive.
Here are a selection of his forward-thinking house productions:

With a recent collaboration with the first lady of dirtybird J Phlip, and forthcoming remixes for Turbo Records & Sound Pellegrino 2011 is set to be a massive year for the modest young man from Bristol!
Midnight (at the Aquarium) - J.Phlip & Julio Bashmore by JulioBashmore

For an idea of what to expect from his DJ sets check out the mixes below:

Jb's Armchair Dancefloor - Drowned In Sound

Julio Bashmore has been a very difficult man to book. We had been trying for over a year before managing it, as he had preferred to simply make music, than to traipse around DJ'ing. He is not anti-DJing, nor does he possess a sense of exclusivity; he simply prefers being locked away, producing. It is for this reason that we are so hyped for his upcoming set at Stealth.

Stay tuned for further info!