CLAUDE VONSTROKE exclusive interview for dollop

In advance of tonight's show at Stealth the guys over at dollop managed to catch a few minutes with the one and only CLAUDE VONSTROKE!
CLAUDE VONSTROKE exclusive interview for dollop
dollop: What do you think of the new hybrid of House, Dubstep and Techno that is coming out of the UK at the moment (eg. Julio Bashmore)?

CVS: Awesome. I love it. Finally something fresh to listen to.

dollop: And how is this hybrid of sounds received in the States?
CVS: We usually hear it for the first time just about the same time the trend dies in the UK. At the same time, we have our own trends. Maybe no one follows them like they do in London and Berlin but that's what makes us special, isn't it.
dollop: How is the dirtybird sound developing and what involvement do you have with that?

CVS: I am the A&R and owner of dirtybird so i guess i am responsible for the sound. The development is based entirely on the music that i like. Basically more grease and grit please. Don't be so obvious unless you are a genius and then you are allowed to make very simple tracks that kill because you know what you are doing
CLAUDE VONSTROKE exclusive interview for dollop
dollop: Which of your productions are you most proud of?
CVS: DB005 was the best 2 tracker combo I've done. All the way from goofy to emotional in one EP.

dollop: When did you start djing?
CVS: I had a radio show in High School which feels like about 100 years ago. There was no mixing involved with that. I would play a record then talk, then play another record. My show was called the Power Move and it was all hip-hop. I would give away a free pizza every show to get people to listen. It's not so common to have a radio station in a high school so i guess that was quite lucky.
dollop: Who is your role model?

dollop: What are you most afraid of in Detroit?

CVS: I'm not (which is the point of the track to begin with).

dollop: Have you revisited Detroit recently? How does it's current party scene compare to the past?
CVS: I don't feel comfortable being an "official" reporter on the Detroit scene because i moved away a while ago to San Francisco, but as far as I can tell it's been picking up again. Last time i went there i played for 2000 people which was quite a big jump from the time before for about 350 only a year ago. I may have to qualify that by telling you that "Mini-Me" was the 'MC' of that larger event which could have accounted for at least 30 extra people.
Claude VonStroke plays at dollop tonight at Stealth alongside Jamie Woon (live), Benji B (Radio 1) and lots more.

CLAUDE VONSTROKE exclusive interview for dollop
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