Squatters (San City High) Interview

Kissy Sell Out's San City High Tour rolls into town tonight at Stealth, and we managed to grab a quick chat with some of the acts in advance of the show. First up - The Squatters!

Squatters (San City High) Interview
(aka Oliver Portamento & Alex Powell) have been working together for many years not just as DJs but also as successful promoters, event organisers & producers. Taking influences from Oldskool Hip Hop & Rave then fusing it with today’s modern House, Electro & more experimental genres such as Dub Step, Drum n’ Bass & even Trance. By cut n’ pasting these together, adding chopped vocals & colossal breakdowns they have created a unique big room sound that has closed the ranks between the styles which makes a heavyweight impact on the dance floor.
Squatters (San City High) InterviewThere productions & remixes have received consistent airing by BBC Radio 1 and Kiss FM, as well as support from a countless list of elite radio & club DJs (see the feedback above from DJ Zinc, Doorly, AC Slater & Villa).

The Squatters are working hard on new productions & remixes, but we managed to grab a quick word with Oli from the duo:

Where are you now?
Waiting for a bus in Scarborough (were youngest in the line)

What is your favourite city?

What was the first record you bought?
The Heartists - Belo Horizonte

When/ where/ how did you start dj’ing & producing?
Watched some early french house live event videos in 97 and then went to Ibiza at the age of 16 in 1998. Then after many years of djing, production was the way forward and also making tracks we needed for the floors.

How many records are in your collection?
Over 10,000 - but they are more of a feature in our studio now, as sadly we don't use records anymore :( It's all digital world now..

What is your favourite album ever?
Hard question... Obviously different moods different music.. Chicanes greatest hits is up there.

Who is your role model?
The Chuckle Brothers! As they live life have a laugh and entertain people. But obviously we entertain over 18s

What is your preferred production and dj set up?

Mac (no debate), CDJ2000s have raised the bar, and logic with plenty of hardware!

What do you never leave the house without?
The front door key

What do you get up to when you are not busy with music?
Eating various foods at random unsociable times, and hanging with mates! This is important to us as friends have been there from the beginning.

What tracks are you currently working on?
We have a track which is currently unnamed as that's the hardest part of creating a track, also working on a remix for Champion Records called 'Whistle - Just Buggin'.

What are your top 5 records at the moment?
Crookers - Arena (Will Bailey Remix)
The Squatters (feat Dutch courage) - Superfly
Neon Stereo - I See U Baby
The Squatters - Up To No Good
Nom De Strip - Skewee

What has been your personal musical highlight of 2010 so far?
The San City High Tour with Kissy Sell Out - didn't feel like work at any time it was professional partying. 14 dates with some of the best UK cities, venues and crowds.

What acts do you think could breakthrough in 2011?
There are so many to name but we really support Nom De Strip's productions at the mo so prob him - (Chris Elliott) ex-Stupid Fresh.

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The Squatters play alongside Kissy Sell Out, DJ Mehdi & Riton (as Carte Blanche) at dollop this Friday at Stealth.
Advance Tickets available form : Stealth Fatsoma Online