MAGDA (M_Nus) MARC HOULE @ Stealth

MAGDA (M_Nus) MARC HOULE @ Stealth
Sunday October 17th
MAGDA ((M_Nus))
Magda is quite simply one of a handful of true luminaries in the world of underground House & Techno. Along with Richie Hawtin, Ricardo Villalobos, Marc Houle and Luciano there are few that have garnered such wide-sweeping respect & general popularity in equal measures. What makes her rapid rise all the more impressive is that unlike her contemporary trailblazers she has achieved this primarily as a DJ through international tours and mixes such as She's a Dancing Machine, Fabric 49.
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With her debut album ' From The Fallen Page' due to drop only days after this show, it's a safe bet that it will be well worth the wait.
MARC HOULE (live)(M_nus)
MAGDA (M_Nus) MARC HOULE @ Stealth
Since 2004, Houle has been a staple of Richie Hawtin's Minus imprint, through which he's released all of his records. The majority of his productions follow his label's stark aesthetic, though his biggest track to date remains "Techno Vocals," the 2007 single that poked fun at minimal's obsession with the pitched-down male voice.

Though not as tongue-in-cheek in tone, Drift also stems from Houle's distate for current musical trends, or what a press release describes as his "personal frustrations with what is considered 'techno.'" The album was composed during this year's long and dreary Berlin winter, as reflected in titles like "Inside," "Seeing in the Dark" and, more hopefully, "Melting." It will be his first album since 2006's Bay of Figs.

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