BOWSKI Interview - Stealth 6th Birthday

BOWSKI Interview - Stealth 6th Birthday
This Friday we welcome Bristol-based producer/DJ Bowski to Stealth for his debut Nottingham show. In advance of his set alongside Fake Blood at the Stealth 6th Birthday, we quizzed the 'playful techno' producer...
How long ago did you start djing & producing?
I've been DJing for about three years. I decided to learn on my gap year and got really into it. When I moved to Bristol I wanted to DJ outside of my bedroom, but after a year of very little gigs I thought the only way I could play out would be if I produced. I do music technology at uni and I had done a bit at college, but I never made any tracks for a club. I just messed about with software. I made my first proper tune about this time last year and that was 'Hooves'.
What was the first record you ever bought?
The first record I ever bought with my own money was 'Fresh Hits 98'. It's basically a crap pop compilation. I learnt my lesson after that. I remember getting 'Surrender' by The Chemical Brothers for my birthday from my sister. That's probably my favourite album of all time.
And what was the last record (or track) you bought (ie. paid money for)?
It was 'Symphonia' by James Braun. I've wanted it for ages.
Who were your main inspirations that got you into djing & production?
It was people like The Chemical Brothers and The Prodigy that first got me into dance music. When I got my decks I realised I had a limited selection of club tunes, so I started to delve more into that side of things and got into Justice and Soulwax. In terms of production I would have to say Fake Blood and Boy 8 Bit. I've always loved the fact that their tracks have great melodies. They don't just churn out bass ridden tracks. Claude VonStroke is a big inspiration too.
BOWSKI Interview - Stealth 6th Birthday
How many records are in your collection?

I have about 80 tracks on me when I DJ, but I’ve got hundreds of albums at home and thousands of tracks on my iTunes.
What are your 3 most played tracks at the moment?
I love playing the Zombie Disco Squad remix of Black Box 'Ride On Time'. It always gets a good reaction. 'Dism' by Tony Senghore is another great track I love mixing. Probably my favourite track to play out at the moment is 'Hickup Theme' by Hickup. The rolling bassline is awesome and it always goes off when I play it.
What do you do when you are not djing / producing?
I'm taking a year out of Uni doing an internship at the moment. I go back there in September, but hopefully I’ll still get to do all the Bowski stuff I love doing.
What is your biggest fear?
Wasps. I managed to sit on a wasps nest when I was a little boy, so now the fuckers scare the shit out of me.
Stealth is 6 years old this Friday. What did you do on your 6th birthday?
To be honest I can't remember, but I expect it involved a bouncy castle. I couldn't get enough of them at the time.
If you could pick 3 Dj's (past or present) to play at your party who would you pick?
John Peel because he always played the most forward thinking music, The Chemical Brothers because they're heroes of mine and Format B because the last time I saw them they played one of the best sets i've ever seen.

Listen to Bowski's latest mix (or download by clicking here):
Wax On Podcast - Bowski by Bowski
Here is a video of Fake Blood playing Bowski's track 'Hooves':

Tickets to see Bowski at the Stealth 6th Birthday this Friday (alongside Fake Blood, Ivan Smagghe, Tim Green, Nero, Riotous Rockers & loads more!) are available from Alt-Tickets, Stealth Online or in person (or on the phone) from Rock City Box Office (on 01158221314).
For more information check the 6th Birthday Facebook Event.