RIOTOUS ROCKERS Interview - Stealth 6th Birthday

RIOTOUS ROCKERS Interview - Stealth 6th Birthday
Riotous Rockers formed after a chance meeting on the dance floor of Fabric Room One in the summer of 2003. Unbeknown to Pete and Boggy they would both meet again in their home town of Nottingham a few months later to discover they shared a mutual love of all things Electro, Pop, Disco, and Rave.
The DJ partnership was truly formed when they were given the chance to play at Nottingham's most hedonistic night, Liars Club. Mixing up as many styles as they could lay their hands on, they complimented promoter Ricky Haley's inspired bookings (which over the years has seen the likes of Franz Ferdinand, Scissors Sisters, Bloc Party and The Klaxons play long before they became household names). Riotous Rockers soon became a regular fixture at the clubnight.
Word of these explosive DJ sets travelled fast, and the Rockers found regular guest slots at the cream of UK of club land further a field, including gigs in Ibiza, Barcelona, New York, Paris and Amsterdam.
They've been djing regularly at Stealth over the past 6 years, so we thought we'd have a bit of a reminisce...

RIOTOUS ROCKERS Interview - Stealth 6th Birthday
How long ago did you start djing?
Boggy (right): I've been Djing for the last 15 years.
Pete (left): About 7 years ago.
What was the first record you ever bought?
Boggy: Arthurs Theme (Caught between the moon and New York city) - Christopher Cross
Pete: A-ha – The Sun Always Shines On TV (still massive!)
And what was the last record (or track) you bought?
Boggy: Pete Herbert & Dicky Trisco - Visual (Autodiscotque)
Pete: Marcos Cabral & Shux – Lifetime Groove (OTP Party Breaks)
Who were your main inspirations that got you into djing & production?
Boggy: Erol Alkan, Mickey Finn, Andy Weatherall, The Chemical Brothers, Stuart Price, Harvey, Soulwax.
Pete: Going to Clubs like 21st Century Body Rockers, Return to New York and Trash. Seeing Erol, 2many DJs, Mark Moore, Lazarus, etc. playing the most exciting music I’d ever heard.
How many records are in your collection?
Boggy: Around 4000 maybe, happily rapidly declining thanks to Ebay!
Pete: I have no idea, a few thousand I suppose. A lot of them are for sale now though.
What are your 3 most played tracks at the moment?
Boggy: 1) Lemonade (Justin Robertson Remix) - Erol Alkan & Boys Noize; 2) Say My Name - Holy Ghost; 3) Bad Love (Azari and III remix) – Booka Shade
Pete: 1) Big Crunch Theory –What To Say (DJ Koze Remix); 2) The Three Degrees – The Runner (Wild Geese Edit); 3) Tiago – Motorcycles (Neville Watson Remix)
What do you do when you are not djing / producing?
Boggy: I'm a world class Trampoliner.
Pete: I’ve gone back to school.
What is your biggest fear?
Boggy: Black Eyed Peas / Nickelback / Kei$ha / Conservative Election win / Clumber Street / Piers Morgan / Baked Beans / Volcanic Ash during European DJ bookings!
Pete: Chris Bithell
Stealth is 6 years old this Friday. What did you do on your 6th birthday?
Boggy: I spilled the vanilla essence all over the floor at my Grandma's house. It
was gonna be used for my birthday cake.
Pete: I think I went to Twycross Zoo!
If you could pick 3 Dj's (past or present) to play at your party who would
you pick?

Boggy: Larry Levan (R.I.P), Harvey, Dexter (Avalanches), (and Michael Mayer if one pulled out!)
Pete: I-F (Clasic Italo Disco Set), Jacques Lu Cont (Back to 2004 set), Jarvis Cocker (in the other room).
What is your favourite memory of Stealth?
Boggy: So many, I can remember Djing with Felix Da Housecat years ago and it going insane when we were playing. I went to see Chromeo play live on a Thursday night, around 70 people there I think, but they were amazing. Running our own night ASBO has always been fun at Stealth guests including Hot Chip (playing live) and Fake Blood (when he was simply DJ Touché). Everytime we warm up for Erol Alkan it’s great.
Pete: So many amazing times. Some of the guests in the early days, often on the same bill; The Glimmers, The Hacker, Felix Da Housecat, Ivan Smagghe were all amazing to have on in Nottingham, also the first time Erol played was really special. Warming up for loads of my favorite DJs/producers has been an unbelievable job to have – thank you Stealth!
What tracks stand out as your favourites from your sets at Stealth (over the last 6 years)?
Boggy: 1) 'Take a Chance' (Kiko Remix) - Mr Flagio; 2) 'Everywhere' - Fleetwood Mac; 3) 'Nude Night' - The Chemical Brothers; 4) 'Freakin Out' - Graham Coxon (during our Club NME residency)
Pete: 1) 'Take a Chance' (Kiko Remix) – Mr Flagio; 2) 'Prototype' – Rex The Dog; 3) 'Erotic Discourse' - Paul Woolford presents Bobby Peru, 4 ) 'Perspex Sex' (Ewan Pearson Remix) – Freeform Five; 5) 'Kickschool 79' – Thomas Schumacher.
What has been your favourite night at Stealth (over the last 6 years)?
Boggy: When we djed with Jacques Lu Cont about 2006ish, amazing scenes absolutely mental, people on shoulders, jumping all over the shop. A DJ at the absolute height of his game.
Pete: 2many DJs on a Friday. I spent most of the gig on Matt Waites shoulders it was more like being at a gig than in a nightclub!
What has been your funniest moment in Stealth?
Boggy: The time Ricky Haley hired a ball pool for the middle of the downstairs room at Liars club. Absolute mayhem, bouncers, bar staff getting hit in the face with balls, huge night!

Here is the latest mix from the Riotous Rockers (or click here to download).
Riotous Rockers April 2010 mix by riotousrockers
And take a trip 6 years back in time and listen to the Rockers' mix recorded for Club NME back in 2004 (featuring Soulwax, Tiefschwarz, The Knife, Daft Punk, Franz Ferdinand & E.L.O!) :

Tickets for the 6th Birthday Event are available online at Alt-Tickets or Stealth online.
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