NICK COBBY Interview - Stealth 6th Birthday

NICK COBBY Interview - Stealth 6th Birthday
Nick Cobby is a talented young man. Not only is he resident at Stealth's Minimal House/Techno night >ZLEEP<</a>, he is also responsible for the majority of Stealth's graphic design work, as well as producing freelance visuals for chart-topping popstars...

We had a chat with Nick about his djing and the 6th Birthday celebrations…

NICK COBBY Interview - Stealth 6th Birthday
How long ago did you start djing?
I finally got my first turntables in 2007.
What was the first record you ever bought?
Tektronic by Adam Freeland
And what was the last record (or track) you bought (i.e. paid money for)?
Downtown Stories by Marius Laurentiu & Andrea Bigi
Who were your main inspirations that got you into djing & production?
Breakbeat heavyweights like Adam Freeland, Stanton Warriors, Scratch Perverts, then Ricardo Villalobos & Richie Hawtin when I switched to Techno/House
How many records are in your collection?
What are your 3 most played tracks at the moment?
1) Inland Knights - The Game
2) Till Von Sein - Sundowna
3) DJ Wild - You're In My Bones
What do you do when you are not djing / producing?
I'm a freelance animator and graphic designer
What is your biggest fear?
Flying, although I'm going to Ibiza this summer, so will have to get over that!
Stealth is 6 years old this Friday. What did you do on your 6th birthday?
Bouncy Castle in my back garden - legendary!
If you could pick 3 Dj's (past or present) to play at your party who would you pick?
Basti Grub, Nima Gorji, Ricardo Villalobos
What is your favourite memory of Stealth?
Too many, but top would have to be recently playing the first set for the first ever zleep night.
What 6 tracks stand out as your favourites from your sets at Stealth?
1) Barum -Seeee
2) Peace Division - Eh Oh Um
3) Johnny D - Orbital Life
4) Brother's Vibe - Do You Feel The Vibe? (Unreleased Drum Version)
5) Gaiser - Mfnstmp,
6) Jenn - Milonga (Chris Soul Remix)

Tickets for the 6th Birthday event are available from Alt-Tickets or Stealth Online.