Meet the residents: Harrison

harry blog_post
- When/ where/ how did you start djing?
I started about five years ago in my bedroom after regularly going to nights such as Fabric in London, Oscillate Wildly in Chelmsford and most importantly Kool Kids Klub in Southend. 

- How long have you been playing at Stealth?
My first set at Stealth was November 2011 about a month after i moved to Nottingham for University, which consequently took a back seat from that point on. 

- What can we expect from your residency sets?
Entirely depends! As a resident it's your job to be on call to play very different sorts of sets all the time, whether it's warming up a room or delivering a belter-fest at 3 in the morning. You have to be adaptable depending on who you may be supporting that night, which is great because it keeps you hunting through a wide spectrum of music at all times. I always try and just play whatever best drives the party and keeps people dancing, blends of old and new are always good. Hopefully.

- Whats your favourite Stealth event you played at in 2013?
Playing to a packed out Rescue Rooms venue before personal hero DJ EZ probably ranks up top. That was the type of set that if you told me i'd be taking care of in 2012 i'd run away from you. The crowd were utterly incredible, so receptive and ready to dance. It completely blew my mind that EZ shook my hand and said 'nice one' when we changed over and it was a TUESDAY! Closing room 2 after Melé at the November dollop a couple of months ago was also carnage, one of the most enjoyable sets i've ever played and another case of playing with a DJ that i have been going to see myself for years . When everything goes right and the crowd were as good as they were that night, room 2 at Stealth is probably my favourite place to play.

- What was your personal musical highlight of 2013?
There are a couple for me. Playing after Oneman at a Kool Kids Klub event in Southend, at the now deceased Sunrooms, was huge for me as Oneman, Kool Kids and Sunrooms are all things/people that i hugely admire and that have played a colossal part in me falling for dance music in the first place. Next would be starting my own night 'Joy Fantastic' with my friend and music mentor Justin (aka Cardinal) as I'd been keen for ages to start my own night centered around 70's/80's music. Numbers 10th birthday, Pleasure Principle, Eclair Fifi's set at November dollop, Bestival and Tramlines festival all recieve honourable mentions.

- Whose tracks will you be playing out in 2014?
Late Nite Tuff Guy is an artist whose edits often fall into my sets whether it be a Joy Fantastic party or a Harrison set, he has an unbelievable ability to sort of weaponise older tracks to ready them for a club environment and everything he does seems to get better.  Fingers crossed 2014 is as good of a year across the board music-wise as 2013 has been.

- What are your plans for Joy Fantastic in 2014?
Just continue to expand as we have been doing, put on consistently better parties, continue pushing the Nighttime Fantasies mix series, and generally just keep things going. It's still really early days for Joy, but i don't think either of us could be happier with the way things are going or more appreciative for the initial support. We're already casting our minds towards the first birthday which i think we both want to push ourselves for. We want to deliver something really memorable for both the eyes and ears and maybe finally think about getting some guests in. Failing this, sell all my families things and book Chromeo for the next one.

Top tracks of 2013.
1. Mano Le Tough - Primitive People (Tales Of Us Remix)
2. Tessela - Hackney Parrot
3. Todd Terje - Strandbar (Disko)
4. First Choice - Love Thang (Genius Of Time Edit)
5. Timmy Vegas - Get Yourself Together (Timmy's B'ham Disco Authority Mix)