Meet the residents: Strike

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- When/where/how did you start djing? And how long have been playing at Stealth?
I was about 14 years old, my friend’s dad started up a youth club where he set up some 1210’s and then I went to Confetti to learn music. I’ve been playing at Stealth since it opened and I’m really looking forward to the 10th Birthday this year.


- What’s your favourite Stealth event you played at in 2013?
NYE was definitely a highlight, playing after Hannah Wants in Venue (technically I was the first resident to play at Stealth in 2014!)


- What was your personal musical highlight of 2013?
It would definitely have to be Everywhere Festival because it was the first time I’d seen such a large scale house event indoors spread throughout so many different rooms. There was something for everybody and I played after Kurupt FM which was great.


- Whose tracks will you be playing out in 2014?
The artists I’m looking forward to hearing more from would be XO, Friend Within and Shoot the Ghost (who is one half of Ursa Major). Also A1 Bassline and his collaborations with Leon Vynehall as Laszlo Dancehall. Mak and Pasteman are looking strong in 2014 too.


- Which acts do you hope will feature on the Stealth line up’s in 2014?
Well, a little bit out of the ball park I’d like to see Chance the Rapper!  Then, within the House scene, Laszlo Dancehall, XO and Oscar Luweez.


- Who do you see as some of the future stars of 2014?
I think Oscar Luweez will definitely come through this year and we’ll definitely be hearing plenty more from Route 94.  


- What can we expect from your residency sets?
To be honest it depends what time you catch me. If I’m warming up, I’ll play a pretty stripped back house set. If it’s a later set, I go in hard to keep everyone on the dance floor until the end.


- If you had to be stuck in a lift with one DJ you’ve played alongside in 2013 who would it be? 
To talk intelligently about music it would have to be Ben Pearce, he knows a lot about Motown and Northern Soul and he’s generally a great guy to chat about all genres of music with.


- Where do you see dance music going in the next 12 months?
I think house music will have the same influx that it’s had this year for the next few years, Duke Dumont, Disclosure and Gorgon City will continue to have high charting tracks. At the same time I think the underground house seen will continue to grow, DJ’s like Mark Radford and the old house scene that’s been around since day 1, which has perhaps been over shadowed recently will continue to do its own thing. The Chicago and Detroit scenes seem to be something that people are educating themselves about too, these sounds will continue to come through.


Top tracks of 2013.
1. Leon Vynehall - Sister

2. Huxley - Bellywedge

3. Disclosure - When A Fire Starts To Burn

4. Celsius - Incoming

5. Mak & Pasteman - Dither