Stealth Advent Calendar: Day 3

Day 3 of our Stealth free download Advent Calendar comes from Bristolian house duo Waifs & Strays. The guys have gone from strength to strength over the past few years with releases on both Hot Creations & Future Boogie. 


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Stealth Advent Calendar: Day 2


Day 2 of our Stealth free download Advent Calendar comes from Friend Within, the man that brought us arguably one of the biggest club tracks of the year, Renegade. He recenty smashed sets at our December dollop as well as our special Disclosure after party show.

friendwithin copy

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Stealth Advent Calendar: Day 1


Day 1 of our Stealth free download Advent Calendar comes from the only DJ to ever record two Radio 1 Essential Mixes in one year, the King of big bass-laden house, Eats Everything. He recently tore apart our newly refurbished Stealth Room 1 at our December dollop.


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Competition: Win a pair of tickets to dollop

This Friday dollop return to Stealth for a massive event featuring MK, Scuba, Melé, Shadow Child, Blonde, Eli & Fur and lots more. 

We have a pair of tickets to win for the event - check out our facebook page for more information. 


Having been at the forefront of the UK's club scene since 2004, showcasing a broad array of genres across a number of acclaimed nights and hosting some of the world's finest DJs - more often than not for their debut show in Nottingham, and sometimes even the country - we wanted to mark our near-decade in business by further enhancing the experience for the people that fill the venue week in, week out. We are therefore extremely proud to announce that over the summer months we have carried out a full refurbishment of our Main Room, overhauling nearly every feature to keep Stealth at the cutting edge, as recognised by this year's DJ Magazine accolade of 66th in the global club rankings.

The most noticeable change is the repositioning of the upstairs bar area, freeing up a considerably larger dancefloor space and clearing access routes for service. With both our visiting guests and regular revellers in mind, we have doubled the size of the DJ booth and relocated it to afford a better view of the performer no matter your position in the room. The lighting rig has been upgraded, with state of the art visuals put in, and numerous infill speakers have been fitted to further bolster the intensity and clarity of sound that our renowned, custom-built Funktion One Dance Stacks provide.

Crucially, while the layout may have shifted, we've given careful consideration to keeping the capacity fixed, in order to maintain the kind of unique atmosphere that makes Stealth one of the most celebrated venues both nationally and internationally, for artists and fans alike.

We look forward to having you join us in the coming weeks/months.

Stealth x

Interview with Tomb Crew!


Stealth’s very own Tomb Crew return to the Nottingham scene on the 31st of August, and it’s set to be an unmissable night. With a booth prowess to rival Cirque du Soleil (it’s quite fun), and a selection of tracks to make you reminisce of the better days of reggae dance halls (think Snoop Dogg’s ‘Beautiful’ video, only put the music on acid). The boys have made a name for themselves by disbanding the pretence behind dance music, and it shows.
They got Hz On They Tz and I got interrogative on they scene and loves.


What initially got you into DJing and producing the music you do?

I got into DJing through playing at Rescue Rooms in Nottingham with a friend of mine. It started off as fun and grew into something that has taken over somewhat. Producing music was a natural progression from Djing. I started off making Bmore bootlegs and it grew from there. I always wanted to make music to reflect our DJ sets, which were, and always will be really eclectic.


So, would you guys would identify into a genre of trap so to speak? How do you feel it's going as a movement in the UK? Do you think there's a crowd for it? Is there a scene in London?

Funny enough, I'd say I don't really identify with Trap at all - I've always been really eclectic with Tomb Crew's approach to music and DJing, but Trap is something I've never really fallen for. I've made a couple of Trap-esque tunes and never really got a good feel for it. Coming from the UK, there's something about EDM or whatever you want to call it, (possibly a more American sound), that doesn't quite sit with me. I think there is a scene for it in the UK though, and there seems to plenty of 'Trap kids' about in London!

You seem a lot about having fun and disbanding the stigma of elitist electronic music - would you say this is a massive part of the job for you?

This is everything for us. It's why we started Tomb Crew. Music seemed to be far less serious in clubland when we started and we really thrived off that. There were 4 Dj's originally in Tomb Crew and we all came from different music backgrounds, so we all brought different things to the table. Hip Hop, Grime, Dubstep, House and Garage and more was all thrown in the bag. It's all about having fun, playing what you love, forgetting about genres and having a good dance.


In the past you've been described as "DJs with a live act feel" - what attributes to this and what can the Stealth audience expect?

I think it's because we've always had an MC with us that and in the beginning there was about 4 DJ's and sometimes more than one MC. It was always a bit more of a spectacle than a DJ set. We've never been about looking like you're checking your emails whilst you DJ.


London Hackney house party or scummy warehouse rave in the middle of nowhere?

Warehouse rave fo' sho! Never been to a warehouse rave that I didn't like.


Dirrrrty dutty whine or rythmic twerk?

Dutty whine all day long!


What's next for Tomb Crew?

We have a new single forthcoming on Four40 Records at the end of the summer called 'The Sermon' which features Rubi Dan from the Heatwave and Serocee from the Toddla T Sound. It's a bit of a carnival affair that one!


For more info see:

Exclusive interview with Mak & Pasteman!

MAK & PASTEMAN (Lobster Boy/Naked Naked)

The world of bass is an ever growing void these days, with DJs making themselves known and being able to carve a name for themselves just through the internet – like an underground dance music version of Justin Bieber. Because of this flock of producers and disc jockeys it leaves little to no room for tender few to really make it big and withstand the fickle gaze of club-goers and partiers.

One duo however who’ve managed to cement themselves amongst the herd and gain respect from some of the most prestigious of corners is Mak & Pasteman, heralding from Leeds but currently taking the club scene by storm. No doubt you’ll have heard of them, and no doubt you’ll be able to see them live soon as their booking schedule is heavy and intense; with festivals left, right and centre, and sets around the country. Luckily Stealth managed to get a quick interview before they boarded their flight to Ibiza, the clubbing capital of the world.

So first things first, how did you both meet?

We met in Leeds at a party. Then from there we arranged to meet up for a session in Mak's studio!

Coming from Leeds how did that shape what you two do? Do you think there’s a scene there that you fit into and represent?

It definitely did, you absorb a lot of the vibe and sound of Leeds; mainly from Subdub at the West Indian centre. Hearing early dubstep alongside dub, jungle, and drum & bass right on your doorstep on one of the best soundsystems in the world definitely inspired us to write music. I think now we represent the UK underground scene, with the internet now it really doesn't matter where you are from, all of the underground music is available to hear if you look in right places.


Growing up was there any sub-culture which you both gravitated to? Something that got you into the music you’re into today?

Pasteman - For me 60's soul has always been an influence, but I grew up with everything from reggae to techno and jungle. It's all played a part in our sound. When I was a teenager I was into garage and grime and this was the first music I ever attempted to create...

Mak - The future sounds of jungle and the production of techno have always inspired me to create music.


You’ve got a cult following of fans built up – how does it feel to know your music and what you’re doing is so appreciated? And the fact that this year you’re gaining even more momentum?

It's really humbling, we've always believed that we just write the music that we feel, and enjoy and the fact that people are supporting that and reaching out to us give us the drive to continue doing what we're doing and try to push boundaries with our music. 


Bass is becoming ever more prevalent in the charts and “mainstream” beats, what do you think to this sudden surge and do you think it’s impacted on your own work?

I think we would both agree that we don't really like the term bass, it has become so ubiquitous. I think good music speaks louder than any PR or promo team can, if producers are making good music and people are enjoying it then it will expand from the underground. Breach is a good example with Jack, no-one knew that would blow up and chart the way it did, it just did. I think for someone who has been a part of the scene as long as Ben (Westbeech – Breach), he deserves the recognition that comes with that accolade. It has happened with every genre since disco and will continue to happen, we say embrace it.


Is it difficult working as a duo? Do you have your tiffs and creative differences?

We've been working together for a while now, we both have our traits in and out of the studio but I think we know each other well enough now not to disagree (too much). We're at a point now where we are becoming happier with our music and the production process is happening organically so yeah, we're cool!


How does it feel now to be going to all the festivals and travelling round the world with your work? Did you ever think that this was going to happen?

That has always been an aspiration of ours, to be able to travel and share your music even nationally; let alone internationally is a blessing and one we hope to continue doing in years to come. 


What tracks are you supporting this year and what’re you dropping in DJ sets?

NYTA - 95/Hard Work (the next Lobster Boy release)

Mak & Pasteman - Brown Bread/Drowning (on Breach's Naked Naked label)

Paleman - Handy Clue

Boddika - Heat

M.A.P - North West (next in our white label M.A.P series)

Maison Sky's Debut on Rinse


Your twitter sees an appreciation for the finer home comforts in life… like BBC’s Luther – what do you both do when you’re not behind the decks or making tracks?

We're both pretty passionate about good food and cooking, mainly Thai and Indian. We also like to get stuck into decent American TV shows, Walking Dead, Wire, Game of Thrones etc.


Any possibility of ending up on the @DJsComplaining twitter account? Or do you guys find yourself to be pretty mellow these days (seeing as you’re en route to Ibiza now do you have any RyanAir stories?)

P - I'm not as bad as I used to be but still can get a bit frustrated/stressed with travelling. I try not to whinge though, we're lucky to be able to travel and play over the UK and Europe so a few hours delayed isn't the end of the world.

M - My best tip is not to even join the queue, wait ‘til everyone is on board the plane and get up last!


Mak & Pasteman come to Stealth on Friday 23rd August – for more details see:

Stealth in DJ Magazine's 'Top 100 Clubs'

A massive thanks to everyone who helped us reach #66 in the 'Top 100 Clubs' in the world in DJ Magazine !!!

More info: /

Everywhere Headliner #9: DUKE DUMONT.

Headliner #9 for dollop's EVERYWHERE festival has been announced as DUKE DUMONT !!!

 Duke Dumont is the lastest name to join Art Department, Bondax, Cyril Hahn, Eats Everything, George Fitzgerald, Kurupt FM, SBTRKT (DJ Set), Shadow Child on the event lineup which takes place on Sunday May 5th across Stealth, The Rescue Rooms & Rock City.

The 10th Headliner will be announced when the 'Everywhere' facebook page hits 1,500 likes.