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Elijah & Skilliam (Butterz/Rinse FM) @ St Vs R!, Stealth & The Rescue Rooms

  • Saturday 21st April 2012
  • Supported by: Elijah & Skilliam, Rescued! DJs, Dear Prudence (live) & lots more TBC

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Saturday 21st April, 2012

elijah skilliam

ELIJAH & SKILLIAM (Butterz/Rinse FM)

Elijah and Skilliam grew up in east London and became friends at uni in Hertfordshire, primarily because they both liked grime. “We were outcasts,” jokes Elijah of their university friendship groups. “The majority of people’s tastes were like ‘Friday night, put-on-a-shit-shirt-and-listen-to-Baywatch-riddim.’ We liked our own kind of music from London.”

Over the last few years Elijah and Skilliam have established themselves as the hottest DJs within the Grime scene. It all started with the creation of the Butterz blog in 2007, and after two years of hard work, the duo were offered a show on London's Rinse FM. What’s key about Elijah and Skilliam’s sets is the sheer amount of digging for new material they do, and their constant willingness to play tunes from new, often relatively unknown grime producers over more fashionable artists. It is this investigative instinct that led them to launch the Butterz imprint, which has unleashed material from Terror Danjah, Swindle, Royal T, Trim, TRC and more. Highlights of the label so far are releasing S-X's cross genre classic 'Woooo Riddim' and P Money's 'Boo You' which have broken out a lot further than the scene they were originally made for.

On the foundation of their Rinse radio show, the duo soon built a label, merchandising, raves, an A&R consultancy but most of all a focused community, aligned to one mission. “Most other Grime DJs only see their job as playing good records,” explains Elijah “But Skilliam and I really go the extra mile to make good tunes happen in the first place. Hooking up producers and MCs with stuff they would sound good on. That is how most of the records have formed on the label, not just because we have picked up whatever has been working. We have built up most tunes from scratch as a team.”

While their sets retain the high-octane, aggressive fire you’d expect from grime, they stay away from the hype, war, and clashing that have long served as the scene’s Achilles’ heel. Thanks to this high-concentration music, low-concentration drama approach, the pair have become the first grime DJs to break into Europe without an MC, playing parties in Holland, Spain, Germany, Switzerland and Czech Republic to name only a few - as well as regular shows at London's fabric & FWD>> clubnights.

Saturday 14th April, 2012


Voted 'Nottingham's Best Club Night'

Every Saturday at Stealth & The Rescue Rooms

◆ ELIJAH & SKILLIAM (Butterz/Rinse FM)



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