Stealth archives: 2004

Ewan Pearson, Mylo (live) & Rob Bright at Bugged Out!, Stealth

  • Saturday 18th September 2004
  • Supported by: Ewan Pearson, Mylo (live), Rob Bright

Skipping gleefully across to Nottingham on the very same night you can catch the delights of that wee Scottish Sassenach Mylo. If you are still unaware of this guy’s scorchingly hot talent then I suggest you take a look see because the world of dance is seriously botting the hell out of this young chap. Not only has he just released the near perfect album, ‘Destroy Rock and Roll’ but he’s also a bit of a talent when it comes to remixing and, as if you hadn’t already guessed – DJing . But if you’re expecting him to be spinning the old 1210’s on an occasion such as this then you are wrong – oh yes – cos lucky for you spods he’s performing a live set! Joining Mr Mylo for the evening are Ewan Pearson (responsible for remixes of the Chemical Brothers, Goldfrapp and Ladytron amongst others) and Bugged Out!'s very own Rob Bright.