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Friend Within Residency Launch, Stealth

  • Friday 5th February 2016
  • Supported by: Stealth Residency Launch



Someone mentioned me in a tweet the other day asking does one of my sets consist of me playing The Renegade on repeat for 2 hours? After laughing for 5 minutes I then saw the opportunity ahead of me – there are still people who know my music but haven’t seen me DJ.

Now I’m not claiming to be the best DJ in the world, but I do like to think that those that have heard me play know that I’m more than just a producer that got a few gigs off the back of some tunes.

When I started making tunes as Friend Within I kept my identity a secret and let the music speak for itself. Pretty much everyone who heard that music could tell that I have production experience though; I wasn’t just a youngster that got lucky. I was exceedingly happy with this and I’d like to think I started to prove myself when I got behind the decks too. Yes I got booked because I got signed to labels like Dirtybird, Hypercolour and Pets, but I got re-booked because I knew how to DJ to a room of people. I hope I’m not coming across as big-headed here; I’m really trying not too!

I’ve been DJing since 1998 and I’m so glad that I started at that time and not now. In order to get gigs back then you actually had to be good, the term ‘DJ / producer’ didn’t exist. I got involved with a few local club nights and eventually got a couple of residencies. I was so chuffed! I made some friends for life and even met my wife at one of these residencies.

I was thinking about some of my favourite DJs recently and I realised that the main reason they were was down to the fact they held residencies at club nights I would go to regularly. Paul Woolford, Steve Lawler, Yousef, Craig Richards, Erol Alkan. There’s nothing quite like hearing a DJ go to work on a dancefloor he or she is totally familiar with.

Some of the best times I’ve had DJing have been from when I have been a resident. I held residencies at Ministry of Sound, Mint Club in Leeds, Ibiza plus a few smaller ones. They’ve been warm-up sets; peak time sets and early in the morning sets. It’s such a privilege to be able to play repeatedly at a club and get to know the crowd, get to know the sound system, get to know the people behind the scenes and get confident in the music you’re playing.

Anyway that’s enough of the past; let’s bring this more up to date. Recently there has been one club that I have had the honour of playing at multiple times over the past 3 years as Friend Within - Stealth in Nottingham. It’s one of my favourite clubs anywhere in the world. The crowd is always on-point, as is the sound system and all the production. It’s given me a new taste of what it’s like to step into a familiar DJ booth and know which ways you can take a crowd. It got me thinking about the good times I had when being a resident DJ.


That leads me on to the wonderful announcement I will officially be starting a residency at Stealth! I told you the post was worth reading. I’ll be starting on Friday 5th February and will be back every month to play all night long each time. This gets me rather excited!

So if you want to know if one of my sets consists of me playing 2 hours of The Renegade then come along. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised, I’m actually pretty good :) 


Stealth: "Friend Within is an artist who has played at our events under a number of different guises over the years, and is one of the most versatile DJ/producers we work with. Over the last 7 years he's performed several times across both rooms of Stealth, as well as headlining shows at Rock City - and has delivered each and every time. His productions are some of the most regularly heard tracks on our dance floors, and his unique sound is one that has become synonymous with the club for many of our customers. As a DJ he is equally comfortable playing for 90 minutes or over 5 hours, and when discussing the idea of bringing in a guest resident for the club for 2016, Friend Within was an obvious choice. We are excited to announce that on Friday 5th February we welcome Friend Within for a special 'Residency Launch' party, which will be followed by regular shows at Stealth throughout 2016."


Friday 5th February, 2016. 


Friend Within - No FRIENDs WITHIN Tour at Stealth:



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