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Klaxons (live)

  • Sunday 8th October 2006

Klaxons (live)



"Although only lasting around 30 minutes, the electro-supremos that are the Klaxons produced a whirlwind of hip, funky and infectious cool downstairs in Stealth on Sunday night. Rocking through the more well-known singles, like Atlantis to Interzone and Gravity’s Rainbow, their debut single, no one could really help but get a wriggle on.

I almost wished I was 16 again so I could have stomached the mosh – yes mosh - pit that appeared as soon as they started playing. Nothing derogatory about that comment; talking to some enthusiastic fans I discovered that it was pretty much a universal feeling that the Klaxons just make you wanna dance. And dance we did with glow sticks a go-go!

Along with the elusive ‘new rave’ phenomenon the Klaxons’ delicious combination of catchy melodies, toe tapping beats and an overwhelming sense of optimism really make theirs a musical milkshake of wickedness.

They sound a bit like the Rapture (think the danceability beats and vocalisms) meets Hot Chip (uplifting new rave vibes); the latter currently taking turntables by storm around the globe and these are footsteps in which the Klaxons are sure to follow.

It may be a bit neglectful not to mention myspace here as it has been responsible for the thunderous uprising of many emerging new artists. The Klaxons have 25,960 friends and 273,719 hits so it’s obviously working for them as a marketing tool.

Viva myspace, we salute you! But back to the music. Klaxons’ cover of Grace’s Not Over Yet was a great tribute at the same time as being their uncannily beautiful adopted song-child. Doing a good cover in cahoots with writing good music, like the melding together of vodka and lemonade, is in my opinion one of the tests of a promising musical outfit.

Out of the 4 young guns themselves some actually attended Nottingham Trent University. So it is with a sense of pride then, that we humble aficionados that hail from Nottingham and surrounding areas can say that the Klaxons sort of lived here once!

And with venues like Stealth, Rescue Rooms and the Social putting on avant garde acts as well as mainstream, they must have been a bit influenced whilst living here, surely… All in all the Klaxons were great, I only wish they could have been on for longer as my dancing shoes were barely worn in. More, please!

The single Magick is out on 30th October.

The Klaxons played at Stealth on Oct 8th 2006."